Would you rather experience a miracle or live with the status quo? What if the miracle came with the cost of ridicule or rejection? His day began as every other day. His parents led him to the temple gates where he sat down to beg. It was a beautiful day. He could feel the sun shining on his face. He could hear the voices of people talking as they walked past him. Having never been able to see, he would Continue reading Miracles

God dwells with you!

God dwells with you full of grace and truth. God’s Kingdom is as close to you as the very air you breathe. God invites you to experience today the divine life that he uniquely created you for. God is continuously in action, alive and dynamic penetrating all existence, surprising us under microscopes or browsing the internet, in the exploration of space or in the quiet, honest conversation with friends. God continues to reveal his grace with compassion, forgiveness and unfailing Continue reading God dwells with you!

Never Alone

John 17:11

There’s never been a moment when you have been alone since you put your faith In Jesus. Each and every day is a new day to enjoy experiencing God’s love. Your redeemer lives! Your redeemer protects and keeps you from stumbling! Don’t lose heart, for by your faith you have overcome the world! One day soon you will stand before his glorious presence without fault and with great joy! Through faith, we are God’s holy people, distinct from all the Continue reading Never Alone

Moving Forward

How do you find joy and peace for today and for whatever comes next in your life? In John 17 we have the privilege of eavesdropping on an intimate conversation between the Son and the Father just days before Jesus goes to the cross. In this conversation we catch a glimpse of how Jesus prepares himself to move forward into the most stressful period of his life. Jesus prayer in John 17 provides us with a model of how we Continue reading Moving Forward

Abiding in Christ in the Workplace

Jesus invites you today to continue to abide in him. Jesus invites you to abide in Him in in every task you do. Jesus invites you to abide in him as you respond to emails, make phone calls, and in every interaction with customers and colleagues. Every place you sit, or stand, or walk past is a place where God loves you. Everything that you do is done in a place where God loves you, and where God is present. Continue reading Abiding in Christ in the Workplace