Blessed by God

God has blessed you with grace and gifts that the rest of the body needs. God hasn’t just randomly handed you some gifts like a cafeteria hands out food on a plate. God has carefully apportioned for you exactly the right amount of grace and gifts for your temperament and your life situation. Nobody else has been blessed with exactly the same grace and gifts you have. The grace and gifts you have received from God are perfect for who you are and for where you live and work today. God’s gifts to you overflow from the rich diversity of Christ’s character.

God didn’t give you grace and gifts so that you could build a monument for the world to see. God didn’t bless you so that you could make a name for yourself. God blessed you with grace and gifts so that you could be a blessing to other people and that God’s name would be glorified.

Your community needs you to exercise your grace in your unique way alongside other believers so that we all can come to unity in our faith, and unity in our knowledge of the Son of God. In community when we each do our work using the grace and gifts which God has blessed us with we are helping each other to remain healthy and to grow spiritually and emotionally.

When you don’t exercise your gifts, you are leaving somebody somewhere at the mercy of every chance wind of teaching. Without your life of grace somebody may be deceived by lies so clever that they sound like truth. Satan is working overtime to trick Christians with cunning craftiness and deceitful plotting. The gifts and grace God has blessed you with are exactly what somebody needs today so that they aren’t carried away by Satan’s deceitfulness or tossed to and fro by the storms of life.

When you share the grace God has blessed you with, when you exercise your gifts, you are helping the body of Christ grow to its full maturity in love.

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