Why I Care About Theology – Part 1

I work as a consultant for the railroads on the design and implementation of safety control systems. I am returning to school to pursue a doctoral degree in workplace theology, ethics and leadership. When one of my colleagues heard I was going to pursue a doctoral degree in theology he asked me why does an engineer care about theology? The short answer, is that theology provides a cosmic perspective on my work, a perspective on the boundaries and constraints on Continue reading Why I Care About Theology – Part 1

Walking in the Light

They were stunning works of art molded by God’s own hands to serve and glorify him. They walked along a path that was like the morning sun, shining ever brighter till the full light of day (Prov 4:18). Yet dark shadows surrounded this path. On one side rocky cliffs soared upwards, and a steep ravine dropped off on the other side. They walked without fear of the darkness that surrounded them, because God in his righteousness was going before them Continue reading Walking in the Light

Our New Nature

In Christ we have a new nature. In Christ we have clean fresh clothes of righteousness and holiness designed by God himself for us to wear. When we were without Christ, it was like we lived blindfolded in a world of illusion cut off from the life of God through ignorance and insensitiveness (Eph 4:18 – Phillips). This old sinful nature is like comfortable old clothing, which Satan tempts us to put on again. Unfortunately this old clothing is rotted Continue reading Our New Nature

Blessed by God

God has blessed you with grace and gifts that the rest of the body needs. God hasn’t just randomly handed you some gifts like a cafeteria hands out food on a plate. God has carefully apportioned for you exactly the right amount of grace and gifts for your temperament and your life situation. Nobody else has been blessed with exactly the same grace and gifts you have. The grace and gifts you have received from God are perfect for who Continue reading Blessed by God