Abiding in Christ in the Workplace

Jesus invites you today to continue to abide in him. Jesus invites you to abide in Him in in every task you do. Jesus invites you to abide in him as you respond to emails, make phone calls, and in every interaction with customers and colleagues. Every place you sit, or stand, or walk past is a place where God loves you. Everything that you do is done in a place where God loves you, and where God is present. Continue reading Abiding in Christ in the Workplace


We can thrive as Christian’s working in the marketplace. We can perform our work with strength, confidence, courage and excellence knowing that we are loved by God. We can choose to be faithful to God and loyal to our workplace even when there are things in our workplace that aren’t consistent with Biblical values. We can choose to seek the good of the people we work with, and the good of the organization we work for. We can choose to Continue reading Thriving

Can God Fix It?

Have you ever looked at the systems or processes at your workplace and shook your head? Have you ever watched people make decisions that protect their own interests? Have you ever been frustrated with work not going the way you want it to? If somebody was to sit down with you and ask you to list three problems with your workplace, how long would you have to think before you could answer the question? When you have these conversations you Continue reading Can God Fix It?

No Little Places

All work reflects the image of God in us. God wired work into our DNA. We need work to grow physically, emotionally and spiritually. Work is part of the blessing and the goodness of God’s creation. God used his mind, his knowledge and his wisdom to shape every aspect of the universe. God has blessed us with minds and his wisdom so that we can seek out the ways His world works, and the ways of God in His world. Continue reading No Little Places