Why I Care About Theology – Part 3

Over the last two weeks I have shared with you how the story of creation and a Biblical perspective on boundaries sets me free to enjoy my work.

This week I want to look at how theology gives me perspective when things go wrong.

Designing a new system never goes as quickly as I want it to go or as smoothly as I want it to go. As people test the system they discover things that are missing, or have been configured incorrectly.

Communication is always a challenge in every large project I’ve worked on, and miscommunication seems to happen sooner or later. God creates each person with different communication style. As a result there are challenges finding the right way to communicate the scope and breath of a project to each interested party.

Theology teaches me that things will go wrong, that miscommunication and conflict are the norm for this world because of our desire to be gods which alienates us from God. But theology doesn’t leave me without hope. Theology tells me that right now God is working out a perfect plan of redemption.

God offers me the privilege to enter by faith into a restored relationship with him. More than that, in fact much more than that, theology assures me that there is a day coming when I will spend eternity with God as one of His children, and on that day there will no longer be communication problems, conflict or broken systems.

As his child God promises that the day will come when he will test my work. He will decide by fire – which of my work is worth preserving like fine gold, and which of my work should be destroyed. This is freeing, because it means that when my work isn’t up to snuff, my work won’t follow me for eternity. But I also know that when I do my best, I don’t have to look for human approval, for I will receive the ultimate approval, the only approval that counts in the long run – God’s approval.

Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans (Prov 16:3).

There is a freedom in knowing that God is in control of all things including my work and he has promised it will turn out with a joyful ending beyond my wildest imaginations

So why am I, passionate about theology? Because I believe that if we as Christian’s can articulate clearly and simply why our faith in God makes a difference in our work life, we have an amazing and compelling story to share with our co-workers.

How does knowing the stories of sin and redemption bring hope into your workday?

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