Why I Care About Theology – Part 2

Last week I shared with you how the story of creation sets me free to enjoy what I am doing without worrying about what other people think or say, for the story of creation tells me I live my life to please my Creator.

This week I want to share with you how theology provides a perspective on the boundaries and constraints on my life.

Theology teaches me that there are boundaries within which I am supposed to live my life and do my work. Within those boundaries I am free to explore, discover and use whatever I find. These boundaries are meant to keep me safe.

One of these boundaries, is that I am a finite being, with a finite set of skills and abilities. God lovingly chose these skills and abilities just for me, for this time, and this place where I live. As long as I am doing my work within the limitations of these skills and abilities, I find joy and peace.

Another constraint on my life is my socio-economic status, the culture I was born into, the place where I live and my family. Theology tells me that God in his infinite wisdom and love chose exactly these circumstances for me to live in. Knowing that God doesn’t make any mistakes, I am free from comparing myself to other people; I am free from dwelling on my situation; free from trying to please other people; I am free to focus on God; I am free to enjoy being me; I am free to choose to live my life for God’s glory.

Theology forces me to look beyond myself, and see that God has surrounded me with other men and women each of whom God has blessed with unique gifts and abilities. It is only as I do my part as an engineer alongside the larger team that God has placed around me that the train control safety systems I design come to fruition. These boundaries set me free! They mean that I don’t have to be a marketer, or a welder, I just have to be me!

How does knowing God, change your perspective on the boundaries and limitations of your life?

Next week … How theology offers a perspective when things go wrong.

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