Whatever You Do

As you enter your workplace today remember that you have been blessed in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ. You are God’s child! Your sins are forgiven! You are God’s handiwork. Your life is rooted and established in God’s love. You are seated with Christ in the Heavenly realms. You bear fruit of goodness, righteousness and truth. You are a glorious person, reflecting the image of God! These blessings were bought for you through the shed blood of your Savior, Jesus Christ. Nobody at work and nothing that happens at work today can take these away from you.

God esteems you highly. God esteems your work highly. God judges your work according to the uprightness of your heart, not your position in life, or your job. When you do your work with excellence, righteousness and truth it doesn’t matter who you work for or what you do, your work is worthy in God’s eyes. When you do your work as if you were serving the Lord, it doesn’t matter if your work seems meaningless or of great value, your work is worthy in God’s eyes.

As you go about your work today, you don’t go alone; the Holy Spirit is with you. It is the Holy Spirit who gives you the ability to be wholeheartedly devoted to God and who keeps your desires and thoughts focused on God in every task. May every moment at your work be an opportunity for you to experience God’s presence.

Jesus experienced the joy and grief, sorrow and laughter, delight and hardship of working in this world. While sinful hearts corrupt the best of workplaces, God’s righteousness shining through your life improves the worst of workplaces.

You will never find the perfect environment without stress or strains. The great people and the difficult people you work with, the successes and challenges of your work all need to be received in the context where God has placed you with gratitude. Trust God to work out his purposes through what is happening in your workplace.

Trusting in God’s loving care, you can be a reconciling presence in your workplace by putting the interest of others before your own career or financial interests.

Do your work respectfully, conscientiously, willingly, enthusiastically and cheerfully, as doing the will of God from your heart. Leave the drama and politics of your workplace in God’s hands. Don’t let fear or greed tempt you to grab whatever you can from your job. God in his righteousness is close beside you offering you wisdom to do your job with excellence and strength to avoid temptations which can lead you astray.

Your real power comes when you allow God to infuse your workplace with his presence through your life.

Eph 5:6-9 (J.B Phillips) Slaves, obey your human masters sincerely with a proper sense of respect and responsibility, as service rendered to Christ himself; not with the idea of currying favour with men, but as the servants of Christ conscientiously doing what you believe to be the will of God for you. You may be sure that God will reward a man for good work, irrespectively of whether the man be slave or free.

And as for you employers, be as conscientious and responsible towards those who serve you as you expect them to be towards you, neither misusing the power over others that has been put in your hands, nor forgetting that you are responsible yourselves to a heavenly employer who makes no distinction between master and man.  

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