The Way of Righteousness

What will you encounter along the way of righteousness? Will the circumstances of your life be different or will you experience them differently?

God doesn’t describe who or what you will encounter along the way of righteousness. God doesn’t promise that the circumstances of your life will be different along the way of righteousness.

What God promises, if you choose to walk along the path of righteousness, is that you will experience fully all that God meant for you to experience in each of life’s circumstances. When you walk along the way of righteousness, God promises that he will be with you every moment. God promises you that you will continue to know life with God in heaven at the end of the way of righteousness.

To enjoy these promises you must enter the path of righteousness by believing that Jesus has died for you sins. Only then are you able to stand righteous in God’s presence.

The way of righteousness – being who God created you to be
One of the joys of walking along the way of righteousness is that you know that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Walking along the way of righteousness gives you the freedom to be the wonderful person that God created you to be without false pretenses.

Walking righteously means that you diligently perform every job assigned to you, whether you like them or not. God has given you exactly the right mind, talents and skills so that you can faithfully build your life with gold, silver and precious metals for your life upon Christ the bedrock of your faith .

The way of righteousness – being a peacemaker
As one who has chosen to walk on the way of righteousness “if possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceable with all” . Choose your words carefully to bring joy, healing and peace as far as it is possible. Choose words that are faithful and true, gentle and kind, uplifting and encouraging.

Sometime you may find yourself working in a hostile work environment. There are workplaces with managers who reigns with fear, or co-workers who makes life miserable, or where Christian values are mocked or not tolerated. The way of righteousness does not take us around these situations, but rather takes us through them With God at your side you can abundantly experience life even in these places.

God’s eyes pierce the secrets of every soul. When you are surrounded by schemers, trust the Lord to keep you and your family safe. When you are surrounded by those who are unthankful, ungrateful, liars or fantasy chasers, be known as one who is trustworthy.

The way of righteousness is an invitation to walk by faith. It is an invitation to ‘act justly and love mercy’ . Quietly continue to do your work as if you were serving the Lord, so that you may be wholly acceptable in God’s sight.

The way of righteousness is not about being at peace with all people, but personally knowing peace with God. Your co-workers relationship with God is between them and God.

The way of righteousness – through the storms
The way of righteousness will not take you around the storms, trials, tribulations and afflictions that all of us experience in life. When the rages of earth and hell threaten your life, know that you are safe in God’s almighty hand. As God reveals himself to you through his Word, you have all that you need to stand firm during the storms of life.

Sometimes, as we all do; you will wander from the way of righteousness. At those times, welcome correction so that you can continue to know the favor of the Lord.

The way of righteousness – giving God the glory
All glory belongs to God. As you walk the way of righteousness, God is constantly working in your life through his Word to make you more like Christ. By demonstrating the fruit of the Spirit and the virtues of Christ who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light, you reflect God’s glory into dark places. If people praise you for your prudence, quietly acknowledge God as the source of your wisdom. May people see your good deeds and glorify God.

The way of righteousness – the end of the path
At the end of the way of righteousness you will see your Savior standing with a big smile, and arms outstretched wide to welcome you to heaven. There you will hear your Savior say, ‘my child, well done good and faithful servant’!

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