The Voice of the Lord

Do you hear the voice of God who sits enthroned in the heavens above the cacophony of sounds clamoring for your attention in our modern, hyper-connected world?

The voice of the Lord can be heard over the waters.

At the dawn of creation the powerful voice of the Lord was heard over the waters. God spoke and the world took shape as we know it today. The Israelites heard the voice of the Lord as they stood beside the waters of the Red Sea. Thunder resounded across the heavens and lightning lit up the world while God dried up the Red Sea (Ps 77:16-19). John the Baptist heard the voice of God by the river Jordan as Jesus rose from the waters, and a voice from heaven declared “You are my Son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased.” The disciples heard the voice of the Lord in the midst of the storm as Jesus spoke “peace be still” and the sea was calmed.

The voice of the Lord can be heard today supplying the waters that sustain and nourish your life. The voice of the Lord can be heard today speaking words of peace over the stormy waters stirred up by fear and strife. The voice of the Lord can be heard today speaking majestic words filled with life and grace.

Only the voice of the Lord can make an oasis in the desert, enabling you to flourish where you live and work.

The voice of the Lord causes us to fall on our knees in awe and wonder and to shout “Glory!”

The voice of the Lord shatters pride

The proud, mighty cedars of Lebanon that have survived for centuries are shattered into pieces at the sound of the voice of the Lord (Ps 29:5). Pride and chaos may try to drown out God’s voice, but God’s word prevails shattering rocky, stubborn, mountainous pride.

Your skills, your possessions, your money, your accomplishments, whatever you put your trust in, are nothing compared to the mighty power of God’s voice. All the external things you cling to for your security are as rubbish when compared to the glory of the Lord. Don’t hoard the meager glory and strength that people give you. Turn these over to God, for he is their rightful Lord.

When you admit the frailty of your human efforts you will be set free to be anchored to the true source of strength and peace.

The voice of the Lord causes us to fall on our face before the Lord and to shout “Glory!”

The voice of the Lord convicts and redeems

Like an earthquake ripping across the wilderness, stripping the forest bare in judgment, God’s word strips off masks and reveals secret sins. The voice of the Lord melts hearts, consumes lusts, and destroys sinful works.

God’s word doesn’t leave you naked or alone. The voice of the Lord brings cleansing waters of redemption every moment to wash away your sins. His word washes you white as snow, and places a new song in your life so that you can sing, dance and leap for joy like a little child. Then the voice of the Lord kindles a holy flame of love and devotion.

The voice of the Lord causes us to raise our hands in praise and cry “Glory!”

The voice of the Lord speaks strength and peace into your life

The divine voice of the Lord, with transcendent and unattainable mystery, brings words of truth and hope. Even when your world is shaken, God remains steadfast and calm on his throne. God sits above the chaos and history of creation surrounded by the angels proclaiming his glory and strength.

But God doesn’t keep his strength for himself. Through his word, God graciously imparts his strength to you.

God’s strength is a unique and precious gift which God freely gives to you to bless you with peace. God’s strength gives you the ability to bless your workplace, your family, and your friends with peace. God’s strength enables you to have peace in every moment, in every conversation, in every task, in every relationship.

God’s words speak peace to your soul. God’s peace radiates to the very center of who you are. God’s peace is a gift from the one who laid the foundations of the world. God’s peace is a promise that you can rest in whatever you are doing, and wherever you are.

Strengthened by God’s word, blessed with God’s peace we join in worship with all Christians to proclaim “Glory!”


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