Stewards of God’s Creation

What command in Scripture were you obeying this morning when you went to work?

When we get up in the morning to go to work, we are heading out in obedience to God’s command in Gen 1:28 to fill the earth, subdue the earth and to rule over it. In other words every job, every task, or every good endeavor, that you do today, you are doing in obedience to God’s command to govern and be responsible for His creation.

Stewards of God’s Creation

When God created the world, he created it for you and me; and he created us to be stewards of His world. As God’s ‘vice-regents’ through our work we are have the privilege of entering into the story of God’s creative work. God created this world that at a macro level it would survive for millennia. At the micro level God designed the world so that it needs our continual stewardship.

God made each of us responsible to develop, care for, enrich, explore, cultivate and govern the corner of the world where we live. God expects and encourages us to maximize creation’s full potential through our work. It is the work of societies and cultures to help people thrive and flourish in God’s creation.

God provides all that we need for our work

God has provided us with everything we need to do our work. Starting with Adam, God provided a garden in a corner of creation, with water and animals and everything necessary to tend to the garden. Work was part of the blessing, the goodness and the environment of the garden. By working in this garden, Adam provided for himself and his family.

From that garden subsequent generations built the great pyramids in Egypt. Later the Greek and Roman cultures arose. From that garden today we have airplanes, trains, cars, medicine, the Internet, McDonalds and Starbucks. Each of these were forseen by God, at the dawn of creation, as ways that humanity would fill the earth, subdue the earth and to rule over it (Gen 1:28).

God provides barista’s with what they need to brew a cup of coffee. God provides chef’s with what they needs to create a delicacy. The chef and the barista provide opportunities for people to thrive and enjoy what God has created.

God provides project managers with the resources they need for their project. God gifted the people working on the project with the various skills needed to manipulate these resources to deliver the project. Through this project something new is created for the thriving of society.

God provides clues in creation for engineers and scientists to use to design new ways for people to flourish in God’s creation. This could be anything from new oil reserves, new energy sources, new technologies, using existing technologies in novel ways.

God places the receptionist in an organization to answer the phone and welcome people into their company so people can find their way within the corner of God’s world where that company specializes.

The choice

When God created the world, he said his work “was good”. Our universe is a masterpiece crafted by a master craftsman and artist, God. God worked for the sheer joy of working. As we do our work …

  • We have the choice to enjoy the world, the raw materials, the laws of nature as God created them;
  • We have the choice to enjoy the tools and processes and systems that others have developed from what God has created;
  • We have the choice to enjoy the skills of those around us
  • We have the choice to enjoy the fruits of our labor;
  • We have the choice to do our work in loving obedience to God’s command to be a steward over God’s creation;

How can you see your job as fulfilling God’s command to be a steward over His creation?

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