Righteousness – Proverbs 10

The righteous will never be uprooted (Prov 10:30 NIV)

proverbs 10

Life can be messy. But no matter how deplorable or needlessly cruel this world is, or how wonderful life is, your righteousness will shine brightly as you continue to believe that God is present and working redemption in ways that you and I are not equipped to discern. Righteousness is a gracious gift from God that you receive by faith so that you can be restored into a love relationship with Him and be inspired to live a righteous life, for righteousness is the very foundation of God’s essence.

Let your righteousness shine through today as you first answer the question ‘who shall I be in response to God’s actions?’ Then answer the question ‘what shall I do today in light of God’s love for me, God’s character, and my relationship with the Lord?’

Your righteousness is missional, for your actions and words today reflect Gods love, God’s wisdom, God’s holiness and God’s righteousness amongst the people you live and work with. God in his unrelenting love for you, continues to call out to you to live your life in a way that is faithful to God’s story and the way God created the world. So continue today to trust in God, take refuge in God, love his commandments, turn from evil and steer clear of the wicked and their schemes. Seek the peace and prosperity of others, and guard your tongue so that it only speaks truth and wisdom. Live your life today in obedience, in faithfulness and quiet trust in God’s story. Then your righteousness will shine like the dawn.

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