Praying for your Workplace

Today you have a fantastic opportunity to joyfully demonstrate your confidence in God … by praying for your workplace and your co-workers.

You are God’s child! You are bound to God’s love and goodness which transcends everything happening in your workplace. Your workplace can’t rob you of your peace, joy or strength. God is the one who satisfies your soul. It is your privilege each day to nurture your relationship with God through prayer.

Your life is anchored in Christ. Standing on this firm unshakeable foundation you are able to pray for your coworkers and your workplace. Your prayers are a bold declaration of your faith that God knows how to keep you wherever you work. Your prayers are a gentle testimony of your quiet hope that God will make all things right.

When you pray, you are praying to the Lord of Heaven’s armies. You are praying to the only one who reigns supreme with complete and great power. This means you don’t have to be the messiah who tries to redeem your workplace. God is active in your workplace today!

When you pray, you are praying to the Lord who placed the leaders of your company in their roles. This is a mystery that is hard to fathom.

When you pray for the leadership of your company you are acknowledging that each leader is a glorious gift of God to this world. These are men and women created in God’s image. God delights in each one and has blessed them with unique skills and talents. They break God’s heart because they do not know him. As you pray for them and the decisions they make, God will fill you with his love for them.

Prayer connects you to God’s grace. As you pray for the brokenness of your workplace God will give you the wisdom to live with grace.

Prayer for your workplace and your coworkers will keep you from succumbing to the temptations to worry, to feel regret, to feel self-important or self-righteous, or to follow the behaviors around you.

There is a slice of heaven beaming brightly in every workplace. When you pray, God will open your eyes to see the many manifestations of his grace and righteousness where you work, and your attitude will shift to praise for who God is and what God is doing.

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