Prayer for the workday

This prayer is taken from my devotional book 31 Days With God At Work available at Amazon or Chapters.

Father in Heaven;

Thank you that I can rest in your holy presence through the shed blood of your Son. May my life and work honor your holy name. Help me to keep my eyes focused on you and your kingdom as I go about my work.

May my work, my attitudes, and my speech be pleasing in your sight and be in accordance with your will. May everything that my employer and colleagues do and say be in accordance with your will.

Thank you for giving me the skills, energy, and creativity to earn my daily bread. Thank you for this job and employer, which provides for my daily bread.

Forgive me when my actions or attitudes or words are not pleasing to you. Fill me with your love for my coworkers and customers so that I am able to forgive.

Keep me from temptation at work so that I might not sin before your holy presence. Deliver me from people and situations who wish to harm me or bring evil into my life.

Enable me to be a bearer of grace, hope, joy, and peace, even in the most stressful of situations. May I go about my work in such a way that my coworkers and customers glorify your holy name.



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