No Little Places

All work reflects the image of God in us. God wired work into our DNA. We need work to grow physically, emotionally and spiritually. Work is part of the blessing and the goodness of God’s creation.

God used his mind, his knowledge and his wisdom to shape every aspect of the universe. God has blessed us with minds and his wisdom so that we can seek out the ways His world works, and the ways of God in His world.

God was strategic in the way he created the world. He didn’t create the animals first and then wonder where to put them. When we develop strategies for our work we are reflecting God’s perfect planning.

Everything God created is unique. Consider the beauty of a flower or the variety of flavors of food that we eat. God trusts us to reflect his creativity in everything we make.

As God created the universe, he named the light “day’, and the darkness “night”. God calls each star by name. God gave us the privilege to name each animal, bird and plant, and to name our children. Like God, when we name something we are giving it the dignity God intended it to have, and describing its character.

God took the earth which was formless and empty and shaped it into this world that we enjoy, with all its processes, systems, and natural laws. When we take data, and present it in a spreadsheet, or take ingredients and serve a delicious meal, or lead people to finish a project in a structured and orderly fashion we are reflecting the enjoyment God takes in His creation.

God cares for each one of us. Each hair on our head is numbered. He knows our name. God cares for every aspect of his creation. Not one sparrow falls, or flower dies without God knowing. When we care or demonstrate compassion for others, we are modeling God’s compassion and care.

On the seventh day, God rested from his work. Rest … knowing your work is good; Rest … trusting that God will take care of you and your work.

There are no little tasks in God’s Kingdom. Each task has equal value in God’s eyes. Each task is needed for somebody to flourish. Each task is necessary for people to enjoy God’s creation. Each task is necessary to obey God’s command to rule over and subdue the earth.

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