Looking To Christ

Seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness,
and all these things shall be added to you (Matt 6:33, NKJV)

Where are you focusing your attention and energy? Do you focus on the people around you or the King of Kings?

When you focus your attention on the unseen Kingdom of God, you are proclaiming that there is a realm that can only be perceived by faith. When you focus your attention on what is happening at work you are declaring that this tangible, physical realm is all that exists.

When you look to the invisible, living, faithful, loving God, you don’t have to be intimidated by those around you. When you have seen God who is invisible, you don’t have to be terrified by that which is visible. When you have seen God’s power, your fears of the dangers around you can dissolve.

Faith in God means moving forward one step at a time in your life here on earth with bold confidence that each step toward your future continues on the solid foundation of God’s kingdom.

The secret to persevering faith is a lifelong vision of God and God’s Kingdom. This vision enables you to constantly remember that God’s invisible order is more real and permanent than the fleeting pleasures, activities, treasures and battles of this world.

Faith in God is a choice everyone has. The only condition for faith in God is that your sin cannot co-exist with faith. Therefore God made a way through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ for your sins to be forgiven, so that you can live by faith.

Living by faith is not about the legacy that you will leave behind, or how the world will remember you. Living by faith is all about how God sees you, how God sees your works, and what God will say about you. When you live by faith God sees you as holy and righteous! When you go about your work by faith, you are working from a solid foundation where God sees the fruit of each task as gold, silver and precious stones that will survive his purifying fire. When you walk in faith, with your eyes focused on the invisible Kingdom of God, God is pleased to be called your God.

God continues to be faithful. God is powerful. By faith you live in God’s Kingdom, among God’s people. Your sins are forgiven! Your life is redeemed! Because of your faith, God is not ashamed to call you his child!

With eyes always looking to Christ, rejoice in God’s power, be inspired by hope, and continue faithfully in obedience to God.

Read Hebrews 11:20-31 on BibleGateway

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