Lift Up Your Prayers

Lift up in prayer to God’s throne in heaven all that you see happening in your workplace, the good, the bad and the ugly. Allow your prayers to rise like incense before God’s throne.

Your prayers rise to a special place, a place where the Creator of the universe sits on his golden throne hearing each of your prayers. Here God reigns supreme over all of history. Here God holds your future and the future of each person in his right hand. Here you can know with certainty that all God’s promises are valid and true.

Don’t fret! God’s son, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Lamb that was slain stands before God’s throne and also hears your prayers. The Lion has triumphed over all that you are praying about. The Lion has complete power and strength to be able to answer your prayers. The Lamb who was slaughtered, who ransomed you with his blood, now stands victorious over death and sin before the throne of God! The Lamb is interceding on your behalf. The Lamb of God was slain to offer redemption for what you are seeing in your workplace.

Your prayers are lovingly placed in golden bowls that are held by the twenty-four elders seated around God’s throne. A glorious sweet smelling incense wafts out of these golden bowls so that all those in heaven can savor the aroma of your prayers.

Don’t take back into your own hands what has been placed in prayer in the golden bowls before the throne of God. Instead allow your prayers to continue to be a glorious sweet smelling fragrance in heaven.

Trust in  God’s promises! Trust in God’s sovereign rule!

Join in adoring praise, proclaiming that the one who sits on the throne, and the Lamb are worthy to receive praise, glory, honor, and power not just for hearing and answering your prayers, but forever and ever!

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