Job Satisfaction

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding (Prov 3:5)

God created you as a unique, whole, infinitely complex individual. You bring a distinctive contribution to the organization where you work. Your primary attributes are the ones where you make the most meaningful contributions through your work, and where you find the most satisfaction in your job. However you have many other minor attributes that make you uniquely you, and enable you to do your role in a way that is just slightly different to the way the next person will perform that role.

If you experience twinges of dissatisfaction or unrest in your current role – Rejoice! Rejoice that God has created you with infinitely more facets than other people recognize, or that you may realize yourself, or that you are using at this time. Prayerfully consider how you might be able to use these attributes, within the political constraints of your role, to maximize your value to your employer. If you are a manager, look for attributes in your team beyond what you hired them for. Find creative ways to allow your staff to use their talents and to express their infinitely complex beauty.

Sometimes you may find yourself in a job where you believe your value is not fully appreciated. Or you may believe you are able to contribute more to the organization, or you feel that you would be more fulfilled if you were able to use your skills in a different role. When you focus your attention and energy on the apparent injustice or inequality of your situation it is easy to become negative and lose sight of God. If that is the way you feel today, I invite you to step back for a moment, to abandon the illusion that you are in control of this world, and reflect on God’s character. Does God change when you feel like you are a square peg in a round hole? Does God’s love for you, or the hope that you have, or your salvation disappear when you feel like your skills are being under-utilized? Did God make a mistake when he placed you in this position? Is this situation beyond God’s redemptive power? Can you trust that this job, for right now, is part of God’s perfect plan for your life?

Whether you feel like your current job is a great fit for who you are, or you feel like your job situation is less than ideal, continue to trust in the love and care of your Heavenly Father! God says to you “my child, trust me, I am sovereign, I am in control, I love you. I have placed these people in authority over you, I have appointed their times and boundaries, I love you.” Make it your goal to please God. Give thanks to the Lord that you have been granted the privilege to participate in what God is doing in your workplace.

What would it take in your current job to say that “I have learned to be content in this job”?

What does it look like for you to trust in God as you go about your work?

With what is happening in your workplace, can you identify with one Biblical character who experienced something similar? (i.e. Joseph) Re-read their story. How does their example inspire you?


Gracious Father, Thank you for your love. We praise you that you are sovereign, and that you are in control. Forgive us for when we fail to trust you. Strengthen us today, so that we may live our lives pleasing in your sight. Amen 

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