God’s Unfailing Love

God’s unfailing love permeates your workplace. God’s unfailing love infuses your home. God’s unfailing love floods every nook and cranny of your life. God’s unfailing love extends to each of your colleagues and customers. The whole earth is drenched in God’s unfailing love. Behind everything that is happening in your life there is a God of love – and that changes everything.

Contemplate God’s words and God’s works remind us of God’s unfailing love. God’s words are right and true. God’s words formed the universe and every tiny little detail that is important to your work. God imparted his divine characteristics of righteousness, justice and loving kindness in all of his works. God’s works are firm and permanent. God is faithful in every work that he does.

Stand in awe and observe the goodness of the Lord! On the world stage it is God who creates each scene and forms the heart of each actor. All things that are happening are ordered by God’s infinite wisdom. God is accomplishing his plans and the purposes of his heart. God’s plans stand firm forever. God’s plans don’t change with the passing of time, or depend on how people behave. The purposes of God’s heart can never be shaken. God’s heart’s desire is that you would be his child, and experience his unfailing love. Rejoice that the Lord’s purposes prevail, not yours or anyone else’s.

From heaven the Lord looks down observing everything and considers your motives. Your possessions, your abilities, your accomplishments cannot save you. However the Lord, whose eyes are on those who fear him, will deliver your soul from death.

Wait patiently in hope for the Lord. Your hope is not misplaced! When human frailty unsettles you, allow God’s divine tranquility to be your peace. God is your help and your shield! Rejoice! Continue to trust in his holy name! Bask in his unfailing love!

Forgiven and energized by God’s unfailing love, your life is a unique song of praise to God. There is a special place in God’s presence for you to lift up your voice and life in praise. Come shout for joy, celebrate God’s unfailing love!


Lord I praise you for your unfailing love. My heart overflows with thanksgiving for the beauty of your faithful works and the righteousness of your word. My heart leaps with joy because I have experienced anew your amazing grace! Lord, I place my hope in you. May your unfailing love be with me today as I go about my work! Amen.


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