God’s Creation

The God who made the world and everything in it is the Lord of heaven and earth (Acts 17:24a)

Receive what you have, and what you use today with Thanksgiving. Everything you have and everything you use exists only because God created this universe. All the natural resources that form what you and I enjoy today were created by God. The individuals who skillfully take these raw materials and shape them into what we are now enjoying were blessed with their talents by God. The laws of nature which you rely upon to design and build everything you have are principles established by the Lord of Heaven and Earth when he created the universe.

There are no little jobs, and no little people in God’s Kingdom. Every role is vitally important in God’s kingdom. Architects and engineers designing a new building use the principles of engineering that are inherent in the world God created. Construction crews use the natural resources that God created, to build a new building. Accountants brings order to the finances of a building project, just as God brought order into the universe he created. Equally important are the baristas serving coffee to the architects, engineers, accountants and the construction crew. Baristas brew coffee from coffee plants that can be traced back to the first plants God planted in the garden to feed us.

As you do your work, you are fulfilling the mandate that God gave each of us in Genesis to fill the earth and to be responsible for it. As you go about your job today acknowledge that God is the creator and Lord of all the things that you have. As you celebrate the privilege you have to use what God has created; as you discover and follow the principles of God’s world, you are constantly reminding those around you, that this is our Father’s world and not just a random collection of particles.


Gracious Father, we thank you for creating us, and blessing us with everything that we have. Forgive for the times when we take things for granted. Help us to live our lives in such a way that all those who are watching us know that is your world. Amen

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