God will Answer!

Wherever we work, at times challenging situations will arise that don’t have simple answers. What do you do when something or someone in your workplace bothers you? What do you do when you find yourself working with people who are lazy, corrupt or dishonest, who don’t follow policy, are gossips, twist the truth, back-stab, are incompetent, rule with fear, make false accusations, manipulate or are bullies?

But first – what about you? None of us live a perfectly virtuous life. Are your hands clean, is your heart unpolluted by sin, are your lips pure before God? Have you found yourself complaining, finding fault, joining in empty conversations, cheating, exaggerating the truth or putting others down? Come to Jesus and he will forgive you. He will freely pour healing grace upon grace over your hands, heart, and lips to cleanse you from all unrighteousness so that you can stand with grace in righteousness before God’s throne.

Stand before God’s throne and be silent; rest in his presence reflecting on the peace, joy and holiness that surrounds you. Then in humble prayer ask God to search your heart and see if there is any wicked way in you.

God bends down to listen to your prayers when you cry out from honest lips and a pure heart. Ask God to protect your mind and soul and keep them pure before him. Ask God to keep your heart wholly devoted to Him. Ask God to help you hold the shield of faith which extinguishes all the flaming arrows that Satan throws at you.

Ask God to reveal afresh the wonders of his great, unfailing, marvelous lovingkindness! Ask God to accomplish his righteous purposes in your workplace. Ask God to arise, and rescue you from the clutches of the wicked, and to deliver you with his mighty hand.

God is wise enough to discern guilt and innocence. God alone has the active power to set things right. The Lord is your inheritance. The Lord is your rescuer and redeemer. This is what your gracious Heavenly Father freely does for his children.

You are God’s child, and God’s treasured possession! It is God’s desire to keep you as the apple of his eye, and to hide you under the shadow of his wings in the midst of every situation. Under the shadow of God’s wings, you join with all believers whom God shelters from the wickedness of people and the evil in this world.

God’s presence is not an elusive phantom of troubled dreams at night. God’s presence is a present reality in your workplace!

When you must speak, ask God to guard your tongue so that you only speak words of faith, hope and love. Choose to use words from Scripture so that your life in prayer is consistent with your speech to others. Ask God to guard your heart and mind so that you don’t respond in sinful ways. When you must act, ask God to direct your steps so that you don’t stray from his path.

Faithfully, patiently, in the power of the Holy Spirit continue to put one foot in front of the next placing your trust in God alone and not your own abilities.

You can have confidence in God for tomorrow when you live God’s way today. Know with certainty that one day you will see God’s face!

May Jesus Christ be praised, and may God receive all the glory and power and honor because of the way you live your life today!

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