Gifted to do you work

Oh, the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God! (Rom 11:33)

God delights over you! Each facet of your life wonderfully reflects His glory. God rejoices over you! God sees his love radiating as you use your spiritual gifts. God sees his love sparkling as you use the talents and skills he gave you. Each of your abilities is a precious gift God uniquely chose to bestow upon you for his honor and glory before you were born. Your abilities and talents are not something to be despised or abused. Your talents, abilities, and spiritual gifts are what make you unique.

In the Old Testament, we meet leaders like Moses, Joseph, and Gideon who are filled with the Spirit of God and with wisdom, understanding and knowledge. We also meet talented tradespeople whom God has filled with wisdom, understanding and knowledge. We see these tradespeople use their God given skills to design and build the tabernacle and all the furnishings of the tabernacle, sew the priestly garments, farm, raise cattle, herd sheep and do countless other jobs.

God created this world with wisdom, knowledge and understanding, which are part of the very of essence of God’s character. God has filled you with the wisdom, knowledge and understanding to use your talents and abilities because he loves you. God has blessed you with understanding to solve the inevitable problems that arise in your job. God has filled you with the knowledge to do what is necessary to fulfill the requirements of your job. God has provided you with the wisdom to learn and teach others the skills to do your job with excellence.

May you live a life worthy of the Lord who has blessed you with the wisdom, knowledge and understanding to do your work. May you please the Lord in every way as you go about your day today. May every good work that you do bear fruit. Continue to grow in the knowledge of God. Be the best you that you can be today to the honor and glory of God! That is how God has gifted you, how God has created you, and who God has called you to be.


Father, thank you for the unique personalities, learning styles, and interests that you have blessed each one of us with. Thank you for the wisdom, understanding, and knowledge that you have blessed us with so that we can do our jobs with excellence. Help us to do our work in such a way that your name is glorified. Amen

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