Facing Our Fears

Today is a wonderful day! Even if it feels like you are all alone surrounded by an abyss of fear – Fear of rejection, fear of losing our job, fear of screwing up, fear of the future, fear of paying the bills, fear for your health. Your destiny is not defined by your fears. Your destiny is dependent solely on the infinite power of the Almighty! You are not alone! God in his holiness and righteousness is right beside you.

Set aside your fears and focus your attention upon God who is the master of the nations, master of all people, and who is utterly trustworthy. Trust in God and your spirit will be free to sing with joy.

When we fall into the abyss of fear we lose hope that God is with us and we often turn to people or the things of this world to rescue us. But then, if people disappoint us or say things that wound us further we may feel like we are trapped in a hopeless downward spiral.

Choosing to focus on your situation in the abyss of fear is choosing to tackle an impossible task, for nothing that God created is capable of redeeming your situation. Choosing to focus on rescuing yourself or satisfying your own needs is dangerous, for you risk making God, the King of the universe a means to your own end.

If you have fallen into the abyss of fear – look up and you will see Jesus standing there with his pierced hands outstretched to rescue and redeem you. If you choose to take Jesus’ hand, He will give you a new name, and place a song of praise and thanksgiving in your heart.

God has placed before you an infinite well of salvation. Even when you are afraid you can drink deeply the water of God’s forgiveness, God’s salvation, God’s encouragement, God’s strength, and God’s love found in this well. You can freely drink the living water from this well whenever and wherever you need. This well will never run dry. This well is sufficient not only for you, but for all people. The water from this well will cleanse all your fears and fill you today with overflowing joy.

Give thanks to the Lord! Praise his holy name! God is your salvation. Trust him and don’t be afraid! The Lord your God is your strength and your song!

Don’t let fear define your day. Enter God’s courts with praise and thanksgiving for they are the only way you can refocus your attention from the abyss of fear to the blessings your loving Heavenly Father has bestowed upon you.

Make known his praise to your family, your coworkers, and your friends! Tell everyone what the Lord has done. Let them know that God is mightier than all you fears, and God is the source of your strength.

Sing to the Lord, for he has done wonderful things! Join with your brothers and sisters in Christ today in a glorious celebration shouting God’s praise with joy!

Great is our Holy God who lives among us!

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