Cry For Mercy

For, You Lord have delivered me!

The Lord hears your voice wherever and whenever you cry for mercy! Call on the name the Lord to save you when the cords of death entangle you! When your cheeks are wet with tears and you feebly whisper “Lord, save me”, God will bow done from his throne in heaven and place his ear by your face to hear your frail cry of anguish. You can call on God as long as you live, and God will always hear you!

God is always merciful to you. There has never been a time, and never will be a time when God isn’t good. God is more gracious than we deserve. God is full of compassion for you. God will help you bear the worst and hope for the best.

Allow God’s goodness to overwhelm you. God is close beside you as you walk through the dark valleys. There is no place for any of your fears in the presence of God’s perfect love. Even in your anguish, God continues to honor you by anointing your head with oil. God’s goodness and unfailing love will continue to pursue you no matter what is happening in your life.

God invites you to return to him and rest your weary soul. God’s hands are your only safe refuge. As you rest at the feet of God, God will nourish your soul and give you the strength to face tomorrow. Why would you go anywhere else, when God has been gracious, compassionate and merciful to you?

God walks beside you in the land of the living as you make each decision and take the next step in this journey. Even though life may not be turning out the way you expected, walk beside God Almighty faithfully and blamelessly.

You are God’s servant! You are created in God’s image! You are redeemed by the blood of Christ. You have been placed by God in his creation – a land of mercy and a land of opportunity! Choose to continue to serve the Lord and fulfill your vows. When you are ready, share your story of God’s goodness, grace, mercy and compassion in the presence of all God’s people so that you can comfort and bring hope to others.

Offer up to God as a sweet smelling offering your praise and thanksgiving for what the Lord is doing for you.

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