Praying for your Workplace

Today you have a fantastic opportunity to joyfully demonstrate your confidence in God … by praying for your workplace and your co-workers. You are God’s child! You are bound to God’s love and goodness which transcends everything happening in your workplace. Your workplace can’t rob you of your peace, joy or strength. God is the one who satisfies your soul. It is your privilege each day to nurture your relationship with God through prayer. Your life is anchored in Christ. Continue reading Praying for your Workplace

Praying for Wisdom

Do you find yourself today launching out into a new venture or are you returning to what you were doing yesterday? Whatever you find yourself doing today, God promises that he will generously give you wisdom if you ask. God graciously offers you wisdom for both simple jobs and for very complex tasks. When the disciples needed people to take care of the routine tasks of the new church they looked for individuals who were filled with wisdom (Acts 6:1-3). Continue reading Praying for Wisdom


Come, rejoice today! Allow the joy of the Lord to well up in your soul and overflow into your work. Joy is a supernatural fruit of the Spirit. Joy transcends your circumstances. Joy transcends the work you have to finish. Joy transcends the happiness or conflicts you may be experiencing at work. Joy rises above your circumstances, annoyances, disagreements, and frustrations because God who began a good work in you will be faithful to carry it on to completion until Continue reading Rejoice

Why I Care About Theology – Part 3

Over the last two weeks I have shared with you how the story of creation and a Biblical perspective on boundaries sets me free to enjoy my work. This week I want to look at how theology gives me perspective when things go wrong. Designing a new system never goes as quickly as I want it to go or as smoothly as I want it to go. As people test the system they discover things that are missing, or have Continue reading Why I Care About Theology – Part 3

Why I Care About Theology – Part 2

Last week I shared with you how the story of creation sets me free to enjoy what I am doing without worrying about what other people think or say, for the story of creation tells me I live my life to please my Creator. This week I want to share with you how theology provides a perspective on the boundaries and constraints on my life. Theology teaches me that there are boundaries within which I am supposed to live my Continue reading Why I Care About Theology – Part 2

Why I Care About Theology – Part 1

I work as a consultant for the railroads on the design and implementation of safety control systems. I am returning to school to pursue a doctoral degree in workplace theology, ethics and leadership. When one of my colleagues heard I was going to pursue a doctoral degree in theology he asked me why does an engineer care about theology? The short answer, is that theology provides a cosmic perspective on my work, a perspective on the boundaries and constraints on Continue reading Why I Care About Theology – Part 1

Our New Nature

In Christ we have a new nature. In Christ we have clean fresh clothes of righteousness and holiness designed by God himself for us to wear. When we were without Christ, it was like we lived blindfolded in a world of illusion cut off from the life of God through ignorance and insensitiveness (Eph 4:18 – Phillips). This old sinful nature is like comfortable old clothing, which Satan tempts us to put on again. Unfortunately this old clothing is rotted Continue reading Our New Nature

Blessed by God

God has blessed you with grace and gifts that the rest of the body needs. God hasn’t just randomly handed you some gifts like a cafeteria hands out food on a plate. God has carefully apportioned for you exactly the right amount of grace and gifts for your temperament and your life situation. Nobody else has been blessed with exactly the same grace and gifts you have. The grace and gifts you have received from God are perfect for who Continue reading Blessed by God

Walking Worthily

Work, rest and play are all a foretaste of glory divine. Gifts from the giver who keeps on giving. Gifts shaped just right for who we were created to be. Gifts to be celebrated as together we walk in a manner worthy of the calling we have received. Gifts to be enjoyed and rejoiced over community with humility, gentleness and patience, bearing with one another in love. Humility is an attitude of the mind. Humility recognizes our dependence on God’s Continue reading Walking Worthily

Grounded in Love

God, out of his glorious riches, offers you the privilege to sink the roots of your life deep in the soil of his love. Then you will be a like tree planted by streams of water producing fruit in its season. God in his incomparable great power offers you the privilege to build your life on the foundation of his unconditional love. Then you will be like a building resting on a firm foundation of love, which can’t be shaken. Continue reading Grounded in Love