The Good Shepherd

Jesus is the good Shepherd. Jesus knows his sheep. You are one of his sheep if you believe that Jesus is the Messiah. Jesus has given you eternal life. The death and resurrection of Jesus is your hope that nobody, not even Satan can snatch you away from Jesus hand. When you follow Jesus, you never walk in the darkness, for Jesus the light of the world, lights your path. Jesus knows your joys. Jesus knows your fears. Jesus knows Continue reading The Good Shepherd

Pursuing Success

Success and excellence in your career are opportunities to pursue righteousness or opportunities to pursue narcissism. There is no middle ground. In your pursuit of success you can either choose to follow the path of piety or the path of self-centeredness. Both paths will take you through seasons of abundance and seasons of struggle. You will encounter family crises and health issues no matter which path you follow. Along both paths you will meet loving, caring people who will walk Continue reading Pursuing Success