God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble (Ps 46:1) You can face today with a living hope! With hope you can walk boldly towards your future because God holds your future securely in his hands. God will faithfully fulfill all his promises. With hope you can soar on wings like eagles; you can run and not grow weary; you can walk and not faint. Your hope is the active source of your strength to overcome temptation. Continue reading Hope

Look to the Bible

When you are looking for an explanation as to the purpose of your life, look no further than the Bible. There you will learn about your Creator, and discover his great love for you. There you will find a solid rock upon which to build your life; a foundation that does not shift or change with time, government, employment, or other people’s whims. When you look at the world and wonder how the universe came into existence turn to the Continue reading Look to the Bible


Silence … the hushed anticipation, the breath that is held as the hockey puck slides towards the net. Silence … When the music suddenly stops, when the podcaster is silent mid-sentence … what is your first thought? When God is silent, when the heavens are like brass and your prayers seem unanswered, what goes through your mind? Does your blood pressure rise and heart race? Does stress ooze through all the pores of your body? When God is silent, do Continue reading Silence

Salvation Belongs To Our God!

Salvation belongs to our God, who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb (Rev 7:10) Everywhere we turn we see evil and power hungry people bent on conquest, leaving in their wake a trail of fighting, famine, disease and death. As Christians we may find ourselves persecuted or ridiculed for our testimony. From office politics, to interpersonal conflict, to the evening news, it seems like the forces of evil are winning. How then should we live? I would like Continue reading Salvation Belongs To Our God!

Lift Up Your Prayers

Lift up in prayer to God’s throne in heaven all that you see happening in your workplace, the good, the bad and the ugly. Allow your prayers to rise like incense before God’s throne. Your prayers rise to a special place, a place where the Creator of the universe sits on his golden throne hearing each of your prayers. Here God reigns supreme over all of history. Here God holds your future and the future of each person in his Continue reading Lift Up Your Prayers