Cry For Mercy

For, You Lord have delivered me!

The Lord hears your voice wherever and whenever you cry for mercy! Call on the name the Lord to save you when the cords of death entangle you! When your cheeks are wet with tears and you feebly whisper “Lord, save me”, God will bow done from his throne in heaven and place his ear by your face to hear your frail cry of anguish. You can call on God as long as you live, and God will always hear you!

God is always merciful to you. There has never been a time, and never will be a time when God isn’t good. God is more gracious than we deserve. God is full of compassion for you. God will help you bear the worst and hope for the best.

Allow God’s goodness to overwhelm you. God is close beside you as you walk through the dark valleys. There is no place for any of your fears in the presence of God’s perfect love. Even in your anguish, God continues to honor you by anointing your head with oil. God’s goodness and unfailing love will continue to pursue you no matter what is happening in your life.

God invites you to return to him and rest your weary soul. God’s hands are your only safe refuge. As you rest at the feet of God, God will nourish your soul and give you the strength to face tomorrow. Why would you go anywhere else, when God has been gracious, compassionate and merciful to you?

God walks beside you in the land of the living as you make each decision and take the next step in this journey. Even though life may not be turning out the way you expected, walk beside God Almighty faithfully and blamelessly.

You are God’s servant! You are created in God’s image! You are redeemed by the blood of Christ. You have been placed by God in his creation – a land of mercy and a land of opportunity! Choose to continue to serve the Lord and fulfill your vows. When you are ready, share your story of God’s goodness, grace, mercy and compassion in the presence of all God’s people so that you can comfort and bring hope to others.

Offer up to God as a sweet smelling offering your praise and thanksgiving for what the Lord is doing for you.

Read Psalm 116 on BibleGateway

How can you sing for joy?

Come let us sing for joy to the Lord

God is the rock of your salvation! God is constantly whispering to you that there is nothing and nobody in this world who can separate you from his love.

The Lord is the great King above all gods and above all rulers! Stop worrying about what is happening in this world because the King of Kings is on his throne! Instead do your work with excellence, love your co-workers, customers, family and friends with God’s love.

God who alone holds the depths of the earth in his hands, who created the mountain peaks, who made the sea and formed the dry land, knows exactly what you need to solve the challenges you face at work. Take time today to enjoy all that God has created. Ask with confidence knowing that God hears your requests, has the wisdom you need, and will answer.

God is your Maker! God hasn’t made a mistake in where you live, in the family he chose for you, or the skills and talents that you have! Honor the Lord, God your Maker, by obediently, quietly faithfully persevering as a parent, friend and worker.

The Good Shepherd is your shepherd. The only safe place for you is in God’s presence! There you will experience God’s watchful care and provision. The Good Shepherd is the only one who knows the safe pathways for your life. Don’t wander away. The grass isn’t greener outside his sheepfold. Listen to his voice – he knows what you need, he knows when you need it and he alone is capable of providing what you need.

Yes, life can be difficult. Living your life constantly in God’s presence is not always easy. However it is the best place to be. The story of King David, who was anointed by Samuel to be King, but who had to run and hide from King Saul for many years is a testimony of a life lived in God’s presence. David shares his joy and his struggles in the Psalms so that you can know that what you are experiencing is not unique.

As you listen to God’s voice, bow down and worship, Kneel before the Lord your maker! May your heart be filled with songs of joy and thanksgiving as you obey what the Lord has to say to you today!

Never Forsaken

God will never leave you; God will never forsake you!

Because God speaks … Because you are welcome in God’s presence … Because Christ died for you … Because you are God’s child … boldly, confidently and with thanksgiving, live your life in a way that is pleasing to God, and not to man.

Boldly continue to love your brothers and sisters, eagerly sharing God’s blessings with them, even when their humanity threatens to evaporate your love for them. Courageously show hospitality to all people with compassionate deeds and genuine caring – for they are created in God’s image, and Christ died for them.


Honor your spouse and keep your marriage bed pure. Shamelessly turn away from immorality, adultery and pornography.


Confidently go about your day, knowing that the eternal God will never leave you or forsake you. Your prayers are rising like sweet incense before his throne. He knows your laughter and tears, joys and frustrations. When your life is right with Christ, you do not have to be afraid of anybody. The Lord, robed in Majesty and armed with strength is your helper, there is nothing anybody can do separate you from our Holy God who loves you.


Demonstrate your contentment with what God has blessed you with by doing your best as a worker, a parent, a spouse, or a friend. Leave the outcome of your work in the hands of a providential God who knows what is best for you.


Allow gratitude to fill your life so that there is no place for greed, selfishness, jealousy or lust.


Give thanks with a grateful heart for your brothers and sisters in Christ, for your spouse and family, for what you have materially and most of all for the Lord. Give thanks that Jesus is unchanging, that God is with you! Give thanks for God’s grace, for Christ’s sacrifice, for God’s discipline, for the warm invitation to come into God’s presence.